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AWG Technology Overview

AWG capture water molecules available in air and converts them into droplets condensate on cold surfaces. By controlling the surface temperature below dew point and consistently passing humid air over these surfaces, continuously water can be generated. AWG unit purifier air while doing condensation. Water collected has properties similar to rain-water and gains spring water quality after adding minerals.

Water Collection

Water condensed on bio-mimicked surface and stored in the stainless steel water tank.

Air Filtration

To ensure – potable quality water production from inlet polluted/Fresh humid air. Thoroughly filtration for fine particles and impurities.

Pure Drinking Water

Dispensed drinking water meets drinking water standards of World Health Organization (WHO) & Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

Dry Air Expelled

Hot air is released back into the atmosphere after the water molecules are extracted.

Seven Stage Water Treatments

Collected water is treated with UV, ozone, membrane, and carbon cartridges before minerals are added back.

Water Filtration Process

The AWG Water Treatment system consists of the following constituents:

  • → SS 304 storage water tank
  • → Ozone treatment
  • → booster pump
  • → sediment filter
  • → activated carbon filter block
  • → granular activated carbon filter
  • → ultra filtration membrane filter
  • → solenoid valve
  • → mineral cartridge
  • → UV Lamp
Raw water tank

shall be provided to stores the raw water from the input source. For outdoor units external SS storage tank can be availed.

Booster Pump

Takes water from storage tank and pumps through all filters

Ozone treatment

Ozone is released in SS storage tank at every 1-4 hours in tank to ensure freshness of stored water and to disintegrate any biological contaminants.

Sediment filter

Raw water feed pump feed the water to this filter where all suspended solids are removed with the help of fine sand & support bed. The filter shall be back washed when the filter start to choke.

Active carbon filter block

Water then passed through activated carbon filter where all the color and odor shall get removed

Granular active carbon filter

Water then passed through granular activated carbon filter where all the color and odor shall get removed. This cartridge also ensures removal of additional organic impurities, if any.

Ultra filtration membrane

at this stage any dead or alive physical species with size larger than 10 nm is removed.

Solenoid valve

to arrest the backpressure built-up by UF membrane

Mineral cartridge

enhances water quality by increasing TDS and pH of feed water to this cartridge.

UV treatment

This is final treatment to ensure complete removal of biological contaminants.

Key Specifications/Special Features: Atmospheric water system
  • An atmospheric water generator (AWG) extracts water from ambient air humidity.
  • In contrast to air dehumidifiers, an AWG is designed to produce drinking water.
  • High-tech filter systems purify the water and provide the good quality of portable water.
  • Water from air is the purest drinking water you’ve ever had.
  • In addition to household AWG unit, we also offer a wide range of large Atmospheric Water generators for industry and commercial.
  • Our air water maker produce 100 litres to 10,000 litres of water per day and can used in a variety of areas from crisis situations to industry and agriculture.
  • All of our systems can be combined with any alternative forms of energy, such as diesel generator, solar and wind.

  • Turning air into water, offering pure, clean and safe ambient water.
  • Programmable logic control(PLC) integration
  • Human machine interface(HMI)
  • Consumption reduction by 20%-30%
  • Varied colour selection
  • Water generation as low as 35% relative humidity
  • Trailer & power generators available
  • Panasonic or Daikin compressors
  • Solar power option
  • Phase-sequence protection/delay protection/oil pressure differential protection/overheat & overload protection
  • Auto shutdown mechanism when water tank is full.
  • Direct tap access for community use.
  • Remote internet system monitoring can be customized for options.