Swachh Earth & the earth cleaners are associate companies of BAHUGUNA Techmotives by a group of enthusiastic environmentalist, intrepid engineers and highly skilled technicians to create the best possible product in terms of design and performance whilst also creating a cost effective solution.

Self Powered Solid Mixed Garbage destruction system .

It’s a new age Garbage destruction technology specially designed for Municipal Mixed solid waste. One of our latest inventions in Garbage Burner series is ECO BEAN™ garbage destruction System. This machine reduces the solid mass of the original waste by 80%–85% and the volume by 95%–96%, depending on the composition and degree of recovery of materials such as metals, Glass from the ash for recycling. ECO BEAN™ garbage destruction machines significantly reduce the necessary volume for disposal.

This patented technology system which was previously branded as Swatch is capable of destructing any kind of waste including the Covid 19 contaminated wastes, safely and effectively to zero contamination level in less than 2 – 4 hours without any deployment of manual labour or any kind of power consumption. The extremely Powerful Garbage decompose system is useful to destruct unprocessed mixed solid waste and inert waste in the municipalities which cannot be processed or treated like Mixed Solid Waste (MSW) Dry & Wet, Inert Waste, Sanitary napkins pads, Diapers, Masks, Gloves, Plastic sheets, Plastic scraps, Sanitizers used bottles, Used PPE kits, aprons, Polyethylene bags, leather, synthetic leather, and Non Vegetarian waste.

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We have partnered with incubation center from IIT Madras Research Center and are part of their ‘Water for the Future’ initiative. After few years of research, product was an officially launched last year. We aim to alleviate the global water shortage crisis through the development and manufacturing of Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs).An atmospheric water generator (AWG) extracts water from ambient air humidity.

In contrast to air dehumidifiers, an AWG is designed to produce drinking water. High-tech filter systems purify the water and provide the good quality of portable water. Water from air is the purest drinking water you’ve ever had. These systems enable independent access to pure drinking water for those facing water shortages due to anthropogenic activities and infrastructural related issues in urban, industrial, remote, or rural regions.

Being environment friendly organisation, we have always discouraged the consumption of commercial plastic bottled mineral water while being a considerably cheaper solution, due to Plastic & quality of water. Bahugunatech ™ is excited to bring water generators to erase fear of drinking water at public places, like Bus stands, Railway Platforms, schools, Public gardens, malls, sports ground, theatres and most important, directing direct from tap. We have specially designed Solution for Army & navy for unlimited water.

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Electric Vehicles

With years of experience in electric vehicles, profession expertise, strong client base, Bahuguna Techmotives has manifested continued development and has successfully been able to meet customer’s requirements and become one of the leading brands in our industry.

BAHUGUNA Brand was first created in 2016 by a group of intrepid engineers and highly skilled technicians to create the best possible product in term of design and performance whilst also creating a cost effective solution. Bahuguna Techmotives & its associates are one of the leading Electric Rickshaw manufactures & Spare Part Distribution providing a wide variety of high quality Electric Passenger Rickshaws and Electric loaders vehicles.

We have few thousand customers already using our vehicles as different variants like, Garbage, Poultry, ecommerce, food truck, logistic, transport, Vegetable & fruit selling Rickshaw. BAHUGUNA pride it in promoting cause of clean energy creating a lasting and harmonious environment.

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